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ERP Solutions

For over a decade,  COSOL’s core business has been the successful design, implementation and optimisation of Enterprise Solutions for our clients.

Our vendor independence, our extensive experience in both Ellipse and SAP platforms and our industry business knowledge places us in the unique position of being able to develop and implement innovative and creative solutions to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes to industry best-practice standards.

COSOL specialists are experienced in the multi-vendor enterprise systems commonly deployed throughout the asset management lifecycle.

Delivered by pragmatic, high-calibre and professional consultants, our enterprise systems services include:

  • System Design
  • System Selection
  • System Implementation
  • Technology upgrades, support packs and enhancement packs
  • Integration of data from disparate systems
  • Data archiving and storage
  • Transition from one system to another
  • Increasing functionality of existing applications required to meet expanding business needs.

Our enterprise systems services are suitable for clients who are in need of a partner to successfully deliver on their long-term Enterprise Asset Management plans. Our structured and systematic approach to delivery ensures a smooth and timely transition as systems are implemented or upgraded.

When transitioning to a new system and migrating data, our diverse vendor knowledge and experience allows us to successfully and quickly manage the conversion with reduced risk and cost and our experienced consultants have developed proven solutions to provide our clients with convenient access to legacy data to meet future statutory and reporting requirements.

Our specialist consultants understand and can solve the challenges faced by operations expanding beyond the capabilities of their current Enterprise Solution and offer a range of services to continuously improve business systems across the total operation.