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COSOL Mining Solution

COSOL Mining Solution: An affordable enterprise solution that grows with your business

COSOL Mining Solution (CMS) is a pre-configured enterprise solution specifically designed to meet the needs of greenfield, small and middle tier mining enterprises. COSOL specialists have designed and built this easily and quickly deployable solution to provide our clients with affordable access to SAP, the worlds’ leading enterprise system. CMS is fit for purpose and scalable in order to support the current and emerging needs of mining operations.

The scalability of CMS enables implementation for a small number of users for key business processes such as accounting and then progressive expansion to add increased functionality and users as your business develops through feasibility into construction and operations.

The comprehensive scope of CMS covers all best practice business functionality and processes required for mining sector organisations throughout the entire life of mine cycle ensuring that your future growth is not compromised by your ERP selection. Required processes are quickly deployed as they are already configured and reside within CMS. CMS can be delivered as a hosted solution off-site to reduce complexity, or on-premise if your business has established IT infrastructure.

Clients can leverage the many years of accumulated experience inherent within CMS without having to worry about the development, management and operation of the system. This enables you to focus on plans and initiatives that are core to your business.

CMS Life of Mine Functionality Diagram