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Ellipse to SAP

COSOL is the recognised worldwide leader in navigating a safe transition from Ellipse to SAP (E2S).

Our unique combination of services and solutions address the needs of management and business users by not abandoning the years of valuable business knowledge held in Ellipse and transitioning that information to quickly secure the benefits of SAP.

We recognise that transitioning from Ellipse to SAP is often a business-driven imperative, focused on securing the benefits of improved management of expensive assets, supplies, energy and services.  It requires the best understanding of both the current and future worlds and COSOL is uniquely positioned to ensure success through a combination of technology, methodology and consulting expertise.

At COSOL, our teams of specialist E2S consultants have a valuable combination of practical experience working in asset intensive organisations coupled with extensive knowledge of both Ellipse and SAP. Our charter is to work closely with our customers, which is an undertaking that requires the most experienced service providers to scope, plan and implement. It is this unique blend of experience that positions COSOL as a premium service provider in the field of E2S transitions.


With such an important change, we provide the safe conduit for business representatives to engage in the change. With a deep understanding of Ellipse and a clear understanding of what opportunities the business will have under SAP, COSOL staff manages the critically important translation between the old and new.

Our experience with the Ellipse data structures, functionality and language is critical for the customer to commence the journey from Ellipse to SAP safely and knowledgeably. Similarly, it is COSOL’s experience in SAP’s best practice processes for asset intensive organisations that stand it apart from other service organisations.

Having a partner with an understanding of the process of data transition coupled with extensive knowledge of the disparate systems involved will greatly minimise risk, lengthy delays and costs. In addition, a strategic partner to assist with scoping, planning and implementing the project can ensure a transition with minimal impact on the day to day operations of your business up to and beyond the go-live portion of the project.


COSOL’s  E2S Solution is a proven, successful methodology for organisations transitioning from Ellipse to SAP.   Our proven approaches and accelerators are designed to jump-start your move to SAP by delivering 100 per cent mapping of all Ellipse files, securely managed within COSOL’s E2S tools.

We have developed E2S tools specifically designed to focus on business relevant data, using pre-mapped extracts to accelerate extraction and cleansing prior to transition, to ensure data accuracy and security.

From Project Scoping to Support, COSOL’s importance in any Ellipse to SAP project is indispensable to ensure the retention of business value from Ellipse and the attraction of business benefits in SAP.

COSOL E2S Solution includes:

  • Project Scoping
  • Project Strategy and Planning
  • Infrastructure Requirements & Design
  • COSOL’s unique E2S Data Mapping
  • Data Management
  • Blueprint & Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Development
  • RI (C) EF
  • Customisation
  • Implementation Management
  • End User Training
  • Change Management
  • Cutover Management
  • System Support
  • Business Support
  • Legacy Data Management