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IFS Services

COSOL specialises in combining extensive asset intensive industry expertise with relevant mining processes, operational systems knowledge and industry best practices.

This experience, coupled with our valuable vendor independence, allows us to provide our clients with practical and pragmatic advice, tailor made to suit our individual clients’ requirements.

ifs_logo_rgb_0_0In 2013, COSOL was appointed as the certified partner of IFS targeting the Australian mining industry. In our role as system implementation partner, we work with IFS and our clients to plan and provide a tailored industry solution.

IFS offer a project-based ERP and Enterprise Asset Management solution configured for agility, usability and low total cost of ownership for industries where asset management and project management are core disciplines.  It offers mining companies a complete, integrated industry-specific solution that manages the entire project lifecycle from exploration, construction, operation to retirement.

IFS Applications provides a scalable and affordable solution that allows mining companies to manage all aspects of their operation without the costs or overheads of traditional systems. It is built using the same principles as successful manufacturers—the production and assembly of components so clients can choose only the business components they need, selecting additional components as they become necessary to achieve the current business objectives.

For established organisations moving from their current ERP to IFS Applications, this partnership model is enhanced by our use of the product RPConnect®, a proven solution for ease and accuracy of data transition from the obsolete ERP and migration to IFS Applications. The benefits of IFS Applications to the mining and mineral processing sector has been realised by global market leaders and emerging mining organisations including:

  • Alliance Contracting
  • Brierty
  • CuDECO
  • Imerys
  • Kopex
  • Ngarda
  • Rhino Resources