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When legacy or historical data resides in disparate or obsolete systems, data retrieval, comprehensive reporting and intelligent analysis of multiple data sources  can be a difficult, time-consuming and costly process.

Many organisations are reluctant to migrate from their legacy systems, often resulting in expensive, redundant software and rapidly declining internal system knowledge. Legacy system data is an important strategic asset that often represents mission-critical business knowledge that cannot be easily replaced. The data still exists, but you are unable to retrieve it or use it appropriately to make decisions or to satisfy legal or statutory requirements.

RPConnect® has been developed by COSOL to provide a flexible and sustainable solution to successfully transition data from disparate systems by utilising the RPConnect® repository. COSOL has made a substantial investment in the development of Ellipse and other operational system mappings to provide fast track implementation and vaulting of legacy data.

RPConnect® uses pre-built links between Ellipse providing a logical view and drill-down capability into the underlying data structures. These links enable RPConnect® users to successfully fast track a move to a new system and access information from multiple applications. It provides a comprehensive ad-hoc query tool to perform data browsing enabling the authorised end users to extract data without requiring assistance from the IT team. The data can then be used to create reports that executives and workers at all levels can easily access.

RPConnect Diagram

RPConnect® enables reporting and intelligent analysis from disparate enterprise  systems and other data sources providing access to information previously trapped  in unsupported legacy applications. It is built using SQL Server OLAP Services providing a solid, low cost foundation for the delivery of data warehousing capability irrespective of the ERP or operational system. RPConnect® accelerators for Ellipse enable extraction of the legacy application metadata for these systems and logical data links, presenting the data in a way the user can easily understand. This enables RPConnect® users to make the transition toward new applications while still maintaining legacy application data for review and reporting. The simplicity of RPConnect® translates into a significant ROI for the customer.